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Gw13-72.5 neutral disconnecting switch
CK-BZJ-110/220 series transformer neutral point complete equipment is in accordance with DL/T620-1997 "Overvoltage protection and insulati...
  • Shandong JLS-35 Project
  • China railway 35KV substation
  • Datang 110KV substation
  • LinTong GW5 isolation project
  • Gansu zw32-35 project
Shandong JLS-35 Project

Shandong JLS-35 Project

JLSZV-35, JLSZV-35W high-voltage dry power metering box is a three-phase two-com...

China railway 35KV substation

China railway 35KV substation

The 35KV substation refers to a high-voltage place of 35 kV. In order to transfe...

Datang  110KV substation

Datang 110KV substation

(1) a type of substation. It refers to the transmission of ultra-high voltage st...

LinTong GW5 isolation project

LinTong GW5 isolation project

With the transformation of substation and the gradual transition of substation e...

Gansu zw32-35 project

Gansu zw32-35 project

ZW32-40.5M outdoor column permanent magnet sealed vacuum circuit breaker is comp...

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Xi'an High Voltage Switch Factory was founded in 1955. It is a large-scale enterprise which is based on one of the key projects of the First Five-Year Plan. It is the leader of the high voltage switch industry in China. In 2001, Shaanxi Changkai Electric Co., Ltd. was transformed into a large-scale power transmission and transformation equipment manufacturer; it was a subsidiary company of Xidian Group after the reformation of Xi'an High Voltage Switch Factory. It mainly developed and produced high voltage electrical equipment components, including 10KV-126KV high voltage circuit breaker, high voltage isolation switch, high voltage transformer, high voltage transformer, etc. Pressure arrester, high voltage fuse, etc.

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